Addis-Ababa, chapt I

Today’s Ethiopia is in the throes of change and is thought of as an economic model for Africa. Asia has its dragons, now emerging Africa has its lion. In December 2009, the British magazine The Economist forecast the fifth highest growth worldwide to take place in Ethiopia in 2010. Since then, it is around 10 %. In the provinces, schools are being built, wind farms are growing in the north of the country, while the biggest dam of Africa is being erected on the Blue Nile. More than ever, tourism attracts visitors from every corner of the globe. An undreamed-of statement, the Lonely Planet quotes Addis-Ababa as one of the ten most pleasant cities to visit in 2013. Countless other elements overturn the habits and everyday life of the Ethiopian people, offering promise of future scenarios until now unimaginable in the Horn of Africa. Today Ethiopia and its population draw up new prospects and model new lifestyles. Running counter to the images that we are used to seeing, these are the aspects of Ethiopia I want to broach and document by capturing the situations and the stakes that are at work today.