Armenia has been experiencing a very important transition since its independence in 1991. An independence that was full of promises but which today has given an uncertain taste to freedom. From a geopolitical standpoint, Armenia is a small country and Armenians feel isolated and threatened by the double-blockade of Turkey and of Azerbaijan at a time when Russia ensures military protection of Armenia. In the independent region of Nagorno-Karabakh, mostly populated by Armenians, war is still on going since 1994. On the border of Armenian provinces, tensions are frequent. What space is left for freedom in this strained environment? Despite their suffering, a lot of the people resign themselves to the loss of personal freedom in order to gain more security. The Armenians seem to accept that their fundamental rights come second, that individual freedoms are not guaranteed. Civil society is trying to mobilize on the matter, but the power in place keeps the country within an iron fist. The independence of Armenia is not complete; today security of the country and of government is paid for by the high price of restrictions on the freedom of the people in Armenian territories.